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Video and Multi-Media

Mitch 'n Chris!

Justin and Hope's wedding.  That was a fun one! You can tell from these photos that it was just the right amount of them taking their special day seriously, and yet at the same time everybody had a blast!

Ballenger/Break The Grey concert.  That was a really fun concert to shoot.  I had plenty of room to move around the venue to get all sorts of nice photos of everybody, and they are a great band to watch, as well as listen to the message they're putting out there.  Check them out at

Something I put together to show my son when he's a little older.  He's a funny kid, and he and I have a blast together.  I had fun making this video and recording the guitar for it. 

Slideshows of your photos are a fun, easy way for people to enjoy a recap of your event.  As mentioned in the FAQ, we can use any background music you want.  Here are some examples of some slideshows that I've done.  Stay tuned for more!

Time Lapse Video!

Time Lapse is taking a series of still photos, then "squeezing" them together, to both create motion and speed up time.   They are very fun to do, although time consuming! 


This time lapse was shot in downtown Fort Wayne on July 13th.  Three Rivers Festival was going on, so there was lots of traffic to create motion. 

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