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So you like what you see....what do we do next?

I'll explain, step by step, what you need to do, what I will do, and how you'll end up with your finished product.  

Contact me via my "Contact Me" page.  Let me know what you need:  Your band has a concert coming up, your Dads 50th birthday party is in a couple months, or - you're getting married!  In that first email, give me some info about when your event is:  When, where, for how long, etc.  My "contact" page gets delivered to two email addresses, and I will get back to you within 48 hours to start communicating the details with you.  

We decide on a package that would best suit what you're in need of.  This is after we've communicated by email and phone to figure out what's best for your particular event.   

After we've decided what you want and what I'm going to do for you, I will get a contract to you, whether by mail or hand delivered in person. After I've received the signed contract along with 50% of the overall total as a retainer - you're in!  You're booked!  

Step 1: Contact me...

Step 2: We make the decision...

Step 3: Sign here...

Relax and don't worry about the details.  I will be preparing in the background as the date approaches.  Whenever possible, I like to "scout out" the site of the shoot beforehand (if I've not been there before), to get an idea of the vibe, the lighting, the natural mood already present at the location, etc.  I do that so that on the actual day, I'll already have a really good idea of how the shoot will go.

Step 4: Don't worry about the details...

It's the day (or evening) of your event.  You're excited, maybe a little nervous, and you hope all goes well.  Depending on the type of event (a Wedding is far different than a portrait shoot) - don't mind me, I'm just there with a smile on my face taking pictures, and they're going to be great!  The main objective is to have some fun, be yourself, relax, and look forward to some memories captured forever.  That's all there is to it!

Step 5: We take some pictures!

Step 6: You receive your finished product!

While you're recovering from your concert, going on your honeymoon, or just enjoying your vacation, I'll be working on processing your photos.  Getting your photos processed and into your hands is going to be my top priority immediately after the shoot or event.  Rest assured that I'm working on them and will get them to you as quickly as I can, no longer than 14 days after the event.


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