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Frequently Asked Questions 

Contact me here with any other questions!

Do I get to decide where my photo shoot will be?

YES!  In fact, I WANT you to pick the location - they're YOUR photos!  If you're unsure or don't have a place picked out, I have some ideas for some nice places to get the photos done.  As mentioned on the price list page, multiple locations are certainly OKAY, so long as we don't travel a great distance between the two or more locations.  We'll decide on the photo shoot location together.  

What's your concept for shooting concert photos?

I'm a musician.  I "get" it.  I understand that you, being a musician or entertainer, would like to have some nice photos of yourself and your bandmates doing what you love to do.  The object for me is to capture the feel and the vibe of your concert or event through various angles in different spots of the venue, and to make sure that each band member is photographed individually and as a whole band.  I believe you'll be quite happy with what you end up with!

What if I want to buy prints from you?

At this time, I will not be directly handling the aspect of the prints themselves.  I am simply not set up to do that, and rather than charge you extra for the time and effort that it would take to make that happen, as well as risk a miscommunication about 'which' photos you wanted of 'what' sizes and of 'what' quantities, I feel it better to give YOU the full resolution files, and let you decide which ones you want, in what quantities, and of what sizes.  I can, however, direct you to a few very good and reputable professional printing services with phenomenal rates.  Just ask.  On that note, I do NOT recommend simply taking your media to the local Walgreens, for example.  Use a professional service.  It's what they do, and what they do best.  

Will my photos have a watermark or a logo?

No. When you receive the photos - they are YOUR photos.  There will be no watermark, no logo, no password required to access the digital files, none of that.  Simply insert the media into your computer, start viewing, and enjoy!  I do of course retain the right to use any/all of the photos for my own marketing purposes, but your full res copies will not have any logo or watermark of any kind on them. 

Are your prices flexible/set in stone? 

Yes and no.  I've tried to make the price list very informative and able to fit almost all situations that I'm able to confidently handle.  However, if you have a special circumstance that isn't really covered by anything on the price list, please - contact me and let me know what you need.  I won't know your question and you won't know my answer unless you ask!  One example would be the Wedding Packages - you may, for example, have a very short, basic wedding in which you've only invited a few close friends and family, and you know you aren't having a reception.  OR - you may be a solo artist that has booked a short 30 minute time slot for a gig, yet you still want some photos of the event.  Neither of those scenarios are adequately covered on the price list. Contact me and let me know.  I WANT to be your photographer!

What's with the slideshows? 

The photos for your slideshow will be taken directly from the photo shoot that we do.  Typically a slide show needs at least 30 photos to be of any enjoyable length.  However, I will make a slide show of any number of photos you want, so long as you realize that under 30 or so photos will make for a short slide show.  Your next question may be, "But you said on the price list page that you can make slide show videos of packages that only contain 20 photos!  How does that work?!".  I'm glad you asked.  If we know that we're going to end up doing a slide show, I will be sure to shoot enough photos for at least a 30 photo slide show, and - bonus - you get those additional full res photos, too!  I will gladly use any piece of music you want (be aware of copyright laws if you plan to post your slideshow video online, for instance!) for the soundtrack, or write and record an original piece of music and use that as the soundtrack for an additional fee.  Most people have their favorite song in mind that they have always wanted to be the "soundtrack of their life" so to speak, and typically that special song from your favorite band is what we will use.  However, if you want something different such as a cover of a favorite song done in a different style, etc., let me know.

Will you also give me the "outtake" photos, in case I happen to like them?  

This is a question that comes up almost every time, or some variation thereof.  The short answer is, "No".  However, there are several reasons for that answer.  To give the full explanation would require a list of reading materials on modern digital photography, but suffice it to say that I don't shoot in a format that is simply "finished" right out of the camera.  If you're curious, look up "RAW format" and that will give you an idea.  It's a format that ends up revealing more detail than, say a .JPG or .JPEG, which point-and-shoot cameras do, and each and every photo literally needs processed.  If left unprocessed, unless you happen to have the same camera software on your computer that I do, your computer won't know what to do with the file - it won't open.  When I process your photos, they end up as .JPG's, a file format that practically any device will recognize and open.  Many times  I will  take several similar shots, to be sure I have the right facial expression, that nobody's eyes were accidentally closed, etc. and so on, and go through and choose the best one of those similar shots during the processing phase.  I give you the best ones of the bunch, and the rest, more or less get discarded.  So, there aren't really any "outtakes" to give you.  In fact, I even process the ones that "I" may not particularly like, but that you just might, so you really are getting the best photos of the shoot, without a doubt. 

How far will you travel for a photo shoot?  

I am located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I am more than okay with traveling 50 miles +, with no up charge, for any of the services that I provide.  If you don't happen to be local to the Fort Wayne area, yet you still want a photo shoot done, there's a good possibility that I would be willing to do it, for an up charge.  The amount of that up charge really depends on "where" the shoot or event will be, "what" the event is, how long it is, etc.  It's really on a case by case basis.  As mentioned above, PLEASE don't refrain from contacting me if you're located in the midwest, because you won't know the answer unless you ask the question.  Thank you!

How many photos can I expect from a wedding photo shoot?  

I don't put a photo "limit" on a wedding shoot.  At that moment, I am there working for you and with you to get the moments and people that you want to be sure to capture the memories of on your special day.  It depends on if we're doing a full wedding+reception or not, but you can expect a MINIMUM of 50 photos, and usually well over 100 photos, depending.  Pre-wedding photos with the friends and family will be planned, parts of the reception (photos) will be planned, and the rest - I'll be on the hunt for the people and moments that you may not have even known were happening.  To answer the question - you'll have plenty of photos to look through and choose your favorites!

How many photos can I expect from a concert photo shoot?  

Similar to how I shoot weddings, there is no photo "limit" on a concert or musical event shoot.  The price list is listed by the length of the concert, and during that time, I will be on a picture taking frenzy, moving around the venue, looking for different angles of YOU (the band, artist, performers, etc.), but also of the audience and audience reaction.  You can expect a MINIMUM of 50 photos if the concert is at least one hour.  Less than one hour it's difficult to say, but it will be worth what I'm asking, that much I assure you.  

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