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About Chris McCown 

I bought my first Canon 35mm SLR (that's a film camera!) in 1994 while I was stationed in the US Navy in Japan because I wanted to capture the amazing places I was visiting on film.  I taught myself photography during that time so that I could not only get  better photos, but learn how to be creative with the camera beyond just pointing and shooting.  I have had a passion for photography ever since then, enjoying photographing a wide variety of different things. 


When I'm not out as a hired shutterbug, I'm still out there just capturing photos for fun, with my family and friends.  If I'm not doing that, chances are I'm probably doing something with what is actually my first love - music!  I've been a musician for over 28 years, and have long since learned the art of recording music, audio engineering, and all the steps in between.  I have been in and out of recording studios for over 22 years, and I still play out live several times a month.  I'm very "right brained", so the research goes, with the creativity and passion for what I'm doing.  


A few years ago I began to have the opportunity to be the second photographer alongside some trusted colleagues at parties and weddings, then ventured on my own to shoot for my own clients. Fast forward to the present, and I still taking my camera kit with me just about everywhere I go like I used to in the very beginning during my Navy days about 20 years ago.  I try to put perspective into what I shoot, and not necessarily the "first" perspective that I see - sometimes there's something really neat to capture if you just look at it in a slightly different way.  I enjoy hunting for that unique perspective in something that appears ordinary, and I look forward to capturing those unique moments for you!

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